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Industrial Misconduct on the APY Lands !!

APY has become aware of a number of complaints of industrial misconduct by some non-government organizations (NGOs) against Anangu working for them.

 The misconduct involves cutting off wages or sacking Anangu, or threatening to do these things.

 In one case, a senior Anangu was sacked by an NGO shortly after APY acted to regulate a particular activity. In another case, a senior Anangu was told that his wage would cease unless money was received by the NGO from a certain source.

Last year, three senior Anangu were manipulated by an NGO and then dumped after being discredited and left with huge debts to repay to the NGO. 

Usually, the misconduct relates to something the NGO wants and pressure is applied to Anangu working for them by threatening their incomes from the NGO unless they do what the NGO wants. 

The APY Investigator will be returning to the Lands in February 2010 to undertake investigations into further complaints by communities into asset striping and will also investigate complaints of industrial misconduct.

Anangu who work for, are paid by, or are contractors to NGOs or Government agencies, are entitled to be treated fairly and not be placed in a position of conflict of interests over the wants and agendas of those who they and their families depend on for income. 

APY has established panels of specialist lawyers in Adelaide including criminal, defamation, administrative law, litigation, industrial law and property work and may be able to assist Anangu who are subjected to industrial misconduct.

If you have concerns about industrial misconduct, report those concerns to Umuwa and APY will see if it might be possible to assist. Priority will be given to circumstances which might have the effect of creating or threatening to create hardship where governance on the lands might be affected by the suspected misconduct. 

Bernard Singer, APY Chairperson

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