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In November 2007, Anangu sidelined the difficult question of leases. Anangu contracted the State to manage all 400 social housing properties under an MOU between APY and the Office of Aboriginal Housing. APY invited a senior Housing Officer and support staff to reside on the Lands on a full time basis so that they could go out into the field and ascertain the necessary facts and build the necessary relationships to design a first class housing model.

This enabled public housing for Anangu to start while the difficult question of leases to the State was resolved. Leases were negotiated between July and October 2008 when a master lease was signed in respect of new and upgraded housing at Amata and Mimili.  

housing1Social housing for Anangu went out to public tender for the first time which attracted many interested companies.

On 31 August 2009, APY and the Minister for Housing signed off on an enhanced MOU which replaced the 2007 document providing for Anangu home ownership, public housing and community title on homelands and a minimum 20% Anangu involvement in construction and related activities.

Housing MOU between APY and Housing SA

icon 090831 Housing MOU with APY (202 kB)

Ground Lease and Variations between APY and Housing SA

icon APY Housing SA Ground Lease (5.59 MB)

icon 3rd Variation to Ground Lease (104.63 kB)

icon 4th Variation to Ground Lease (73.97 kB)

Housing Updates to APY Communities

icon Housing Update No. 8 081119 (27.38 kB)

icon Housing Update No. 7 081010 (27.12 kB)

icon Housing Update No 6 080828 (30.07 kB)

icon Housing Update No 5 260608 (27.02 kB)

icon Housing Update No 4 040608 (42.55 kB)

icon Housing Update No 3 220408 (27.44 kB)

icon Housing Update No 2 071912 (26.77 kB)

Other Relevant Documents and LInks

National Indigenous Housing Guide 2007
"This is a practical resource to support the planning and development of Indigenous housing. The Guide is a resource to assist in the design, construction and maintenance of housing for Indigenous people."

Click on the link to view the Guide at http://www.fahcsia.gov.au/sa/indigenous/pubs/housing/Pages/national_indigenous_housing_guide.aspx

AP Design Guide
"This guide is an attempt to give communities information about building which will lead to "buildings for well being" rather than repeat the building mistakes and associate poor health recorded by the U.P.K. review."

icon 1991 AP Design Guide - Building for Health on the AP Lands (Nganampa) (3.7 MB)

Uwankara Palyanyku Kanyintjaku (UPK) - A Strategy for Well-Being

The 1987 UPK report, prepared by Nganampa Health Council, is an environmental and public health review within the APY Lands.

Read the original UPK report at http://www.nganampahealth.com.au/component/option,com_docman/task,cat_view/gid,12/Itemid,15/

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