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Asset Stripping in Communities!!

APY has received a number of complaints from communities about asset stripping. The complaints are of two kinds.

First, vehicles and other assets are being taken by NGOs.

Second, government departments and NGOs are trying to take over houses and buildings without obtaining tenure from APY and ignoring the interests of the traditional owners.

Vehicles and other assets funded for communities belong to communities, unless the funding agreement says otherwise.

Houses and buildings erected on the Lands (whether funded by the Commonwealth or otherwise) are fixtures and belong to APY. The traditional owners have made very clear they require compensation other than for Anangu houses.

Taking away assets belonging to communities is a fraud on the community and occupying or having financial dealings concerning houses and buildings in communities, without the consent of APY, is a fraud on the traditional owners.

APY will act to protect communities and traditional owners.

APY has arranged for the APY Investigator Paul Eager of Matrix Investigations to be on the Lands this week to come around and collect information about asset stripping. Paul’s job is to gather the facts so that steps can be taken to protect Anangu interests. Please give Paul your full co-operation.

Paul is a recently retired Detective Inspector of Police who carries full licences and accreditation as a private investigator in South Australia and other States.

Paul is employed by APY to act in the interest of Anangu and he reports only to the Executive Board.

APY is treating community complaints about asset stripping very seriously.

However, we need to work together to protect the interests of Anangu, Traditional Owners and communities.

I ask for all Anangu to give your full support to these investigations.

Ronnie Brumby, APY Deputy Chairperson
PMB 227 Umuwa via Alice Springs, NT 0872. Ph: (08) 8954 8132 Fax: (08) 8954 8110 ABN: 77 261 612 162